June 2024

Support for an ANC/DA Coalition

This report examines the support amongst ANC and DA voters for an ANC/DA coalition. The data in the report comes from 3 previous Foundation surveys conducted in July 2022, October 2023 and April 2024. These surveys had sample sizes ranging from 1 412 to 3 204 and margins of error that ranged from 1.7% to 5%. The data demonstrates that there is considerable support amongst ANC and DA voters for the parties to enter into coalition as a government of national unity.

July 2022

I want my party to take part in a coalition if necessary, it is the only way to secure a stable government that delivers if no party gets 51%.

July 2022

I am willing for my party to compromise a small amount on its values to reach agreement with other parties and for the sake of creating a stable coalition if necessary, should no party get 51% of the vote.

October 2023

Both the ANC and the DA have some good people and some good policies and if the two parties could somehow find a way to work together in a future coalition that would be South Africa's best shot at a stable and prosperous future.

April 2024

If the ANC falls below 50%, one possibility is that ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa calls for a Government of National Unity as a grand coalition of parties, who agree to share national power and work together to deliver for the people through co-operation and a single policy programme. If that came to pass, how would you feel about that Government of National Unity?